Health/Media Literacy – Truth in Advertising Prezi

I have created a Prezi for my class to show the truth behind advertising for both our Health class and our Media Literacy. We are focusing on food and body image so I have compiled before and after retouching examples of both. I am putting this Prezi link up for those who might be interested in having this discussion with your class. I am giving them an accompanying assignment where they are going to analyze an ad on their own using the strategies that we learned on how advertising is targeted and altered to represent the best possible look (even if technically the look isn’t actual possible!).

Click here to go to the Prezi


Glogster EDU – Website Recommendation

I think every teacher out there is looking for a way to make things more interactive. Or maybe you are just tired of photocopying so many pages and handouts! If you are comfortable with technology (and hopefully if you keep following this blog, you will be!) then you should try creating your own interactive lessons using Glogster EDU. I would definitely encourage you to explore the site before you start, as it might give you some good ideas of what a glogster can be used for. A glogster is like a handout with so much more on it. You can embed videos, create links to other sites or games, create unit text and graphics as well as put up questions for response and review. There is even a button for polling (I think). Click here to see a recent glogster I create for my Grade 6 Electricity unit. In my glogster page I have a mini lesson, a short video that explains further our subject (Static Electricity), movie response questions and a description of two experiments. There is even an extended learning video about how big an atom is at the bottom of the page for kids that are done early. One of the best things about a Glogster EDU is that these can be accessed from home as well. In my class we have a shared Google Docs account (I will do a post on classroom Google Docs soon!) so I can put a document with every link we are going to need for any given unit and the students will have access to this at all times. Great for when people are away or for review on their own time for tests (or how to find a game again if they enjoyed playing it).

Glogster EDU

Animated Shorts Series Part 1 – The Passenger

The Passenger premiered and won Best Animation at the 2006 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. It was appeared in theatres in the US accompanying Disney’s Oscar nominated shorts in 2007. It has also won Best Australian Film at the Melbourne International Animation Festival.
fishBesides all the awards, what makes this film really interesting is that it was the effort of one man (yes, one!) named Chris Jones. He created all the animation, music, editing, etc over the span of 8 years. But I think you will agree, it was worth it! Though this short might be too scary for younger grades, older grades will definitely enjoy this jumpy yet funny short. This is a great film for talking about tension and mood in particular (English or Drama connection). And as all good movies do, it has a satisfying ending. Enjoy!
Check out Chris Jones website: Click Here

Teacher Pal – App Recommendation

Teacher Pal

TeacherPal by ITWorx is a must have app for your classroom – though you will want this for your personal ipad. You can use it to take attendance, keep a gradebook, record incidence and behaviour (positive or negative), rearrange your desks virtually to try it out and much more. With TeacherPal you set up as many classes as you teach, which is a particularly great feature for French, Music, Prep teachers who handle multiple grades. You can start a profile for all your students including a photo, parents info, email addresses and more.

TeacherPalThe gradebook feature lets you enter as many assignments as you want and gives averages under students name, a great reminder of students that need extra attention. The behavior and notes recording is particularly useful (I sadly am making records daily!) because you can document all incidents. Beside each students icon a red bubble will appear with the number of recorded negative notes. On a good note, you can also record good behaviour, or simply make a reminder note for yourself.

A fun feature is that you can virtually rearrange your classroom by clicking and dragging each student’s desk to where you want it to be. And the two most important features; First, you can lock it, so no nosy kids peek at it. And second, you can back-up all your files to your DropBox account (you will obviously have to get DropBox if you don’t have it to use this feature). Overall, its an extremely convenient place to put all your records together. And it’s completely Free!

TeacherPal teacherpal1

Christmas Project – Rudolph the Reindeer Mounted Bust

deerheaddiySince it’s the start of the Christmas/Holiday season I thought I would share some unique things for your kids to make! Click on the image to get printable instructions from Know and Tell Crafts for this 3D paper ‘Reindeer’ head to make with your class. The reindeer requires two sheets of paper (the heavier the better) and ends up being about the size of your hand. This project does not actually include the nose, that was something I added to make it festive. It’s how we know it’s Rudolph because of his bright nose. My students are using all kinds of colors. Imagine a wall of these! Have fun!

Online Tour Part 5 – Oxford University Museum of Natural History

This is small but quaint museum that you can explore from 14 different panoramic views. This museum seems to have a very nice collection of skeletons with two HUGE mammoths at the entrance. It might not be as flashy as the Smithsonian but like the Smithsonian there is a fairly large amount of taxidermy animals including extinct ones! The museum also includes a few small exhibits from some ancient civilizations including statues, armour and items from daily life. I think some of the appeal of this one is letting kids not only explore a museum online but that the museum is on another continent! Click here to start the tour.


Online Tours Part 4 – Google Sky, Google Moon and Google Mars


With Google Sky you can explore the stars….and nebula and galaxies! From multiple sources as well. Pick to explore the planets, constellations and showcases (such as Hubble, GALEX, and Spitzer to name a few). I think in this case the pictures speak much great than words for the wonderful things that can be explored here. If you have a space unit or just an astronomy lover, you will definitely enjoy spending some time looking through this one.

google_sky_chandra GoogleSky google-sky

I’m going to give a quick overview of Google Moon and Mars because I think they are worth a look as well if you are interested. With Google Moon you can explore the moon through photos from Apollo missions 12-17. When you click on the photos from the different missions, information about those missions pops up to let you know who were on that mission and when it happened.You can also view the moon through satellite images using the Visible button. You can explore Elevation as well.

There is not a lot to the Google Mars site yet, but if you are following the developments from Mars you might like this site. You can explore Mars through Elevation, compiled images using the Visible button and Infrared.

Click pictures to go to the different websites

OK Go “Three Primary Colors” – Video Recommendation

OK Go "Three Primary Colors"OK Go – “Three Primary Colors” video. A friend and I were discussing primary art and media literacy the other day and I recommended this video to her thinking it would be useful. She told me she had such great success I thought I would include it here as well. This song is all about the primary colours (and the secondary colours they can create) and is done by OK Go (who in my opinion always have the most creative videos!). It is a very simple and colourful stop motion video.

I stumbled on this video because of my son. My 11 month old is OBSESSED with music videos. This started a few months ago with the music videos that Sesame Street does in collaboration with real singers and bands (or parodies for those who have seen the Cookie Monsters “Share it Maybe”).  I have also posted a really great Bruno Mars video below for primary students all about not giving up. Please watch and enjoy!